Matt Lamb

General Contractor

Matt got his start in carpentry manipulating wood into furniture. Then in 1996 he started turning wood into homes.

He has been married to his own version of miss arizona since 1995 and the have three awesome miniature versions of themselves. Matt is an avid motorcycle enthusiast, hiker, mt biker, camper and Arizona survivalist.



Design + Build

A diligent architect and thoughtful builder stands at the intersection of every aspect of your project. That comprehension can be a huge asset during the construction, ensuring that every design goal is maintained and where opportunities present themselves for improvement, the project proceeds swiftly under well-informed guidance of the origin of the design.

Along with a team of qualified and experienced Foremen, superintendents, and skilled craftsmen, your project will be sure to fulfil the scope and needs set forth during the design phase.

Sustainable Design

Design is the foundation for all exceptional buildings, landscapes and interiors. One fundamental lesson learned throughout a lifelong study of architecture is the importance of establishing design solution that address all the influences on the project. Whether studying unique materials and construction techniques at Paolo Soleri's Arcosanti / Cosanti, or the organic site specific approach to design, adopted while an apprentice at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture Taliesin West and Taliesin East, we will always strive to create harmony between the built environment and its surroundings in a sustainable and responsible manner.


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